So you want to be a hacker? Here’s everything you need, for now…


“There is no universal set of agreed-upon rules that hackers follow…”

– Dennis Devey, HowToHack

  • Problem-solving is now a hobby, and it’s hard.
  • Problems shouldn’t be solved twice, take notes.
  • Find fun problems to solve, and stay curious.
  • Share solutions to problems, and start a blog.


Before hacking The Pentagon, let’s get prepared.

  1. Set up a Virtual Machine (VM) hypervisor like VirtualBox or VMWare.
  2. Set up a Kali Linux VM, and use the docs for help.
  3. In your Kali Linux VM, open the terminal and run sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade.

Expectations will not explain theory or provide detailed information. This site simply guides and provides further links for reading and watching. For a more course-like experience, we highly recommend Roppers Academy.